Freddy, Steve, and Me

Today was my long ride for the week. Lesly couldn’t join me, so I headed out early to get it done before the rain moves in. I drove over to Herndon and stopped at Green Lizard to put a second water bottle holder on the bike, and then headed out about 8:30am.

It was overcast most of the ride and I think I got about 20 raindrops on me overall – it was more spitting than actual rain.

And I was bored, bored, bored. I’m grateful we have the W&OD but I’ve ridden it so many times now it’s predictable and boring. The highlights turn out be things like, “Oh look, I’ve not seen a gravel truck cross that road in the last 17 times I’ve been out here,” and “Hmm, that would be a good place for a trailside tool/air kiosk.”

Being bored made the 50 harder, I think. I’m looking forward to the new scenery and people to alleviate the boredom when we’re out west. I did have Freddy Mercury and Steve Perry to keep me company, but I think I need to expand my playlist.

I saw one of these:

Photo from DGIF website

The Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries says this, “Cottontails have been referred to as the “protein pill” of the animal kingdom. They are perhaps the most heavily preyed upon game species in Virginia. In most years, 80% or more of adult cottontails are killed.”

So I didn’t feel too bad that I saw lots of evidence of one of these having been (ahem) dinner last night for some other creature, or since they’re top of the food chain, perhaps one had been hit by a car and what I saw was evidence of nature’s garbage collectors at work. There sure were a lot of tufts of red fur spread over about a quarter mile though!

red fox

Photo by Gary Hartley

And like an idiot, I forgot the yummy no-bonk bars I made and put in the freezer. I stopped in Purcellville at Veloville and had a latte and one of these:

HoneyOh my goodness, I’m going to buy these in bulk for the trip!

But even with this, I was short on sustenance and by the time I finished, I was definitely feeling it.

Note to self: Leave note to self about no-bonk bars!

And here’s the final photo for the day:



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