Because Lesly said so . . .

I waited to do my ride today until after a meeting (rather than riding to the meeting) because I was waiting for it to rain. Why would I want to ride in the rain?

Because Lesly said so. And before you ask, I would not do just anything Lesly says, but in this she was correct. It may rain while we’re on the trip and we need to just practice riding in it.

So there I was on the W&OD heading west and asking God to turn up the taps. It was only a 15 mile day, so it was an easy ride. The nice thing about riding in the rain is that there aren’t very many people out!

I did see a horse on the gravel path that parallels the trail without any visible means of control (no halter or bridle). I didn’t see a human accompanying the horse either. I definitely slowed down as I rode by. By the time I returned it was gone to who knows where.

It never really poured today, but I have definitely ridden in pouring rain* and it’s no fun, so I’m going to say I’ve practiced riding in the rain and check the box. Today I discovered that my rain jacket is too hot, and I’m not really missing anything without fenders because I’m going to be wet anyway. I’ve ordered a helmet cover and I’ll keep thinking about the jacket. I have a Cleverhood (Cape for people on bikes) but it doesn’t do so well with the aggressive geomtry of the road bike. I will keep working on solutions. At least I DID remember to throw some rags in the car so I could wipe down the bike and metal parts before driving away with the bike’s metal parts suffering harm.

About 60% of the people I saw yesterday and Wednesday on the W&OD were female – yay! Lots of women out getting in some miles.

So here’s my proof of the rain.


Those are raindrops!

So mission accomplished for the day!

*Ask Julia Rosenbaum about our amazing luck with rain and the WABA 50 States ride.


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