Photos and Everything!

This is how my day started as I left for an early morning meeting. I drove there, but took my bike so I could go ride as soon as it was over.


My other neighbor’s azaleas. I love the fuschia.

The meeting was a transportation advisory meeting for my district. A young guy from WMATA came and briefed us. When he asked for questions, I offered a suggestion.

Since we have all these stats and numbers about station usage and patterns, how about looking at the reverse commute patterns in the suburbs and allow station managers to use their own good sense to let people with full sized bikes on during peak hours. Would you rather have an empty train going from Courthouse to Wiehle Reston East or would you like to have a paying customer?

I realize this wouldn’t work within the city as there is no ‘reverse’ commute within the city limits – but once you get out in Virginia, and I suspect the same with Prince George and Montgomery Counties, wouldn’t it make sense to let people head outbound with full sized bikes? It would increase ridership on near-empty trains, and add paying customers! Don’t cross your fingers, but at least I asked.

On the way into the building we had to run a gauntlet of a daddy goose who was VERY unhappy at all these people walking by his mate’s new nesting site. Apparently geese go back to where they were nested, and there’s now a building there. He was one unhappy potential papa! I saw my friend who works in that building later today and he said they had the wildlife biologists come out and move the nest.

Since I was afraid of getting pecked, I didn’t notice the new artwork on my way in. On the way out – you tell me. What is this?


Hands or horses?

After the meeting I went to my favorite bike shop and used that as my base for a 20 mile ride on the W&OD. After Monday and Tuesday’s ride, it was easy! While out on the W&OD, I saw this just west of the Loudoun County Parkway. It looks like a new trail connection coming soon! Unfortunately, I had forgotten my sun sleeves and an hour was enough time to get burned a bit. On the other hand, Matt noticed my saddle was a tiny bit askew, adjusted it, and it feels much better! I love Green Lizard!


I had to get back because this afternoon was after school bike shop at Herndon Middle School. While I was waiting for the bike shop boys, I saw a girl wearing these shoes. I think they are perfect for my friends who bike in the evening. Talk about EYE catching! They’re USB rechargeable!


After bike shop I made a quick stop home for dinner and then finished the day with yet another transportation related meeting – Blueprint Reston. There are so many developments going up in the area around our current station and future stations, it was an Open House to let people get an idea of how much will change and in which way. I grilled each of the developers about their plans for taking care of their residents’ bikes and for providing bike transit through the developments. It turns out that bike amenities sell (well, duh) and lots of people moving into these buildings aren’t bringing cars with them!



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