A 45 mile day

It actually turned out to be 50 for Lesly and 49.5 for me, but our goal today was 45, so we’ll say we exceeded our goal. I keep forgetting to turn my Garmin back on after we take a long stop, so I have to trust Lesly’s word and my very.tired.legs. on this one.

We met up in Arlington again and crossed the river to Georgetown where we hopped on the Capital Crescent Trail. This is a beautiful paved trail. We needed beauty and peacefulness because after we left it we got on MacArthur Blvd and rode … well … it seemed like an eternity. From MacArthur we went on Falls Road, Glen Rd, River Road, Persimmon Tree, and some others, but those are the ones I remember.

Eventually we had to do some hills and after yesterday’s adventure in Arlington, we were hurting a bit. We didn’t conquer all of them on two wheels (walking occasionally), but we did keep going. There were a couple of impatient drivers, and some scarily fast and close big trucks on River Road. But overall, people were pretty patient and we did our best not to create reasons for them to hate people on bikes.

When we finally rolled back down MacArthur into the city, we had earned the burgers we got on Water Street at Malmaison.

I’d make this witty and exciting but I’m so darned tired I can’t really even think witty. Tomorrow is only 20, so that should feel like a breeze!

Good news is that in driving to Arlington this morning I drove past where we got turned around yesterday, so now I have a better idea of how we should re-do that ride. Maybe Monday.


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