Back in the saddle again…

…I love that lead in, but I don’t know any of the other words to the song. I probably ought to check it out. I might be horrified, right?

At any rate, picked up my bike this morning from Green Lizard. While I was in Harrisonburg yesterday enjoying my daughter’s senior thesis presentation, they were installing the new wheels. They have more spokes, are bright white, and … are round? Seriously, I took a 15 mile ride out and back to test them and they seem fine, but I don’t discern a huge difference. I’ll just worry less on the trip.

While out on the trail I saw interesting wild life. First, two Loudoun County Sheriff officers on bikes. For one it was probably not his first choice of activity for the day. He looked pretty uncomfortable, and the bike was definitely not fit to his leg length. But I was glad to see them. Saturday with beautiful weather on the W&OD can be like the wild west so police presence might help.

On my way back as I approached the Sterling Blvd crossing I could see a firetruck and ambulance at the crossing. That never bodes well. I slowed, and when I got close I saw a big group pulled over to the side of the trail. It was the Wounded Warrior Project ride.  They were riding from the Herndon Community Center headed out towards Leesburg and someone had an incident at Sterling Blvd.

I don’t know the details, and after making sure they didn’t need anything from me I went on my way. However, I can tell you that intersection is horribly dangerous and I hope that whatever happens will shine a spotlight on that area. The visibility is poor, the speeds people drive are high, and the visibility problems are compounded by construction equipment and barriers in the middle of the crossover. I hope the rider is okay, and they’re able to finish their ride with smiles today.

I also accidentally ran over a snake. It was in the dappled shady/sunny area and I was over it before I saw it. Sorry snake. <ick>

Haven’t given numbers recently. Today was 15 miles. Kept my cadence up around 86. My first two laps were sub 20mph, the third wasn’t but I slowed way down around the Sterling intersection area.

And total amount raised (thank you to everyone!) so far: $2,239.87



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