Sweet Forty

This week’s long ride is supposed to be 40 miles tomorrow. But the forecast for tomorrow is 90% chance of rain, so I thought I’d get ahead of the schedule today.

I drove out to the trailhead at Pacific Boulevard and headed west. My goal was to reach Purcellville, end of the W&OD, and return. My hope was to do it without getting rained on.


Right after I took this I got sprinkled on a little — literally about 20 drops of rain. I hopped back on and headed east.

I felt pretty good – kept my cadence in the high 80’s, and my speed up. I actually ended up doing 42 miles, in 3 hours. By the end of the ride though I was ready to stop. So…now that my fit is dialed in, I need to do some work on nutrition during the ride. I took some of my magic bars, but I needed something a little more substantial. Towards the end I was fighting a leg cramp too, so I think mustard packets are in order. And it would definitely have been a better ride with a friend, or with some music. I was pretty focused, but I can’t say it was tons of fun.

Lesly says we need to ride at least an hour in the rain tomorrow just to be prepared. Not happy with that recommendation.


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