Ha ha, fooled ya!

I stopped by my favorite bike shop today to tell Les that while my fit is almost perfect, I’m still experiencing some irritations. He tweaked a bit and I went out to ride my scheduled 15 miles heading west on the W&OD.

One lap on Garmin (5 miles) later I was exulting. Not only did I feel great but I was FLYING! I got a personal best of first EVER sub-20mph 5 mile lap!

With a big smile I kept cruising to the turn around point (Carolina Brothers — it’s 7.5 miles from Green Lizard).

Then I understood why I got my personal best.

Heading back was a SLOG. The headwinds were awful, and those sections of the trail that I normally love because they’re a slight downhill were just HARD.

Kept my eyes on my cadence and except when I lapsed into thinking about how I was going to manage the bike shop boys later in the afternoon, kept it between 86-90.

So, my personal best was a PBw/TW (personal best with tailwind), but to quote Brad (from my favorite bike shop), I’ll take it.

By the way, at bike shop this afternoon I had fourteen (14) boys. Last week we had six. I sat them down before we headed to the shop and asked, “You know we don’t have any free pizza this week, right?”

It actually turned out okay. Some are learning expeditiously, some are enjoying the time hanging out and not causing issues, and the rest are somewhere in between.

No riding tomorrow as there’s 100% chance of rain.


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