Simple and Sweet

I decided to leave the Mighty Hills of Anacostia this week to those who were awake early, not concerned about the wet weather, and who didn’t have their college girl home for a quick 12 hour layover. I wanted to see my daughter!

So, didn’t get to my 5 mile training requirement until way late in the day.

Spent the afternoon teaching a student to bike. After about 90 minutes she was sooooo close! She had actually balanced, controlled, and pedaled 3 rotations, but then was psyching herself out. With the method we use to teach all of the student’s body weight is on their (ahem) soft parts until they get pedals, so at 90 minutes, they are often tender. She was experiencing this and was DONE!

We called a halt for now. I fully expect a text from her and/or her husband in the next 48 hours with a video showing her riding!

After that lesson I took at quick 5 mile ride per the training regime. I know why we do the short days and rest days though — having a break makes one appreciate the time in the saddle, for sure!

Note to self: Do NOT ride in the Old Town Alexandria area on a Saturday afternoon with nice weather unless I want to be disgusted by the behavior of cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. And can I say how much I dislike wooden bridges?

Interesting fact: Back in the day (1975), a major US Firearms manufacturer had a huge warehouse complex in Old Town Alexandria. My mom worked for them. They were called Interarms then and one of her responsibilities (pre-computer) was to look up the records when a gun showed up without the person it had been assigned to. In other words, they dealt with US Govt weapons. Usually if the gun showed up without its owner it was for the owner.

I asked my student to pay me by making a donation to the ride, so my totals edged up today!

Total Raised So Far:  $1805.12

Percentage of total:  36%

If you’d like to donate,


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