Changeable Weather

Looking at the NOAA site this morning I didn’t know if I’d get a ride in, but figured if I get a little wet, it will be fine – today was only a 10 mile day.

By the time I finished my Friday morning meeting, and got to the trailhead, it was getting really nice. Once I hit the 5 mile point for the turnaround, the sun came out and it was LOVELY. I did get a little hint of the summer humidity to come, but it wasn’t too bad.



Not my hand or my photo!

Saw some critters. At least one small striped green snake was either sunning or trying to make a break for the opposite side of the trail. I went around him. On my way back I saw a guy off his bike in that area, and I asked if he needed assistance. He said he was trying to ‘help’ a snake but by the time he got his glove off the snake was gone. Who takes their glove OFF to help a snake?

Close to mile marker 25 I saw some deer crossing the trail about 1/4 mile distant. It was like watching a slow motion movie on the horizon. Two, then two small ones, then another small one, then … … … another small one … … … and a last small one. The lollygaggers actually made me nervous as I got closer so I started ringing my bell like a mad woman! If a deer had jumped out and crashed me, mad I would have been!

So, a 10 mile day, lovely weather, and a promise tomorrow to ride the Mighty Hills of Anacostia with Lesly. If it’s not wet.




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