Out & About Counts

Started the day helping a friend do the signage plan for our local Bike2Work Day. She is our community event planner, but doesn’t bike much. We got a lot of pushback from last year’s attendees about signage. So … who better to call, right? After I left her I loaded up some posters and went for image003a ride to deliver, post, etc.

It’s still a little early to post a lot of the flyers, but the Bike Room was perfect. While I was there the new security guy came in to see what I was doing. He lives in DC and made some noises about it being so far to bike. I mentioned that Lesly (1/3 of the DCThree) has been known to ride out to Reston from DC to get Uncle Fred’s BBQ ribs. By the time we finished talking I had him at least THINKING about riding. I felt like a bike evangelist!

This afternoon I went to the after school bike shop I manage. Only six boys showed up, but that makes it manageable. We took two of the bike stands outside and enjoyed fixing things up. We’re on a mission to get as many bikes as possible fixed and ready to sell at a community yard sale on May 14. We have about 20 already! I actually learned something too that will help me finish tweaking a bike for my little neighbor kid. There were two donated on my porch in the past 10 days. I liked the one with gears and handbrakes for him. He chose the ‘pretty blue one’ instead. Coaster brakes, no gear. Safe. Sigh — but at least now I know what to adjust to ‘tighten’ the chain.

IMG_1571By the way, somewhere in there today I stopped and had a meal at Guapo’s. I ordered something in homage to Lesly. Guess what it was?

My total mileage today:  Goal: 10 Reality: 12

Today’s GOOD: Perfect weather, lots of bikes out!

Today’s BAD:  The wide car lanes in Herndon mean that even though the speed limit is 35, people are driving 45 and 50, and the concept of “three feet” is apparently foreign to many.

Today’s UGLY: Confirmation that I am a morning biker. After bike shop my legs felt like sludge. It was tough to get going.

Today’s NUMBERS: $1701.09 support raised; 34%

To support the Fuller Center through my ride, go here: Fuller Center Bike Adventure

Thank you friends who have contributed! Please keep spreading the word about this awesome organization!



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