Blowin’ in the Wind

Overcast and gusty today! It was one of those days where I was too hot with a jacket but the wind was just enough to cool me a bit too much each time I had to stop. And stop I did – I was scouting out the Bike2Work sign placements. It’s tough because knowing the route so well, it’s hard to think “where would someone want to start seeing the signs directing them in?”

After I did that and took photos, it was still only noon. I was going to meet a friend at 1:30 so I killed some time heading over to Herndon to check in at Green Lizard and have my saddle tweaked just a bit more.

Beth (Green Lizard owner) and I took a little jaunt up to Monroe Street to see Kim’s new house (very pretty). Beth cheated using the Cannondale e-bike. She offered me a test ride but I said I can’t get on one of those until after the summer trip! If they had a solar panel that recharged the battery as the person rides, these bikes would revolutionize long distance biking!

Met up with Gina and we went up Fairfax County Parkway trail so we’d have a tail or head wind rather than it slamming us from the side. She’s a new rider, and had a bike fit with Les yesterday so with that and the wind we took it easy. We came back down the trail that parallels Reston Parkway. THAT is always an adventure, especially crossing Baron Cameron!


Today’s GOOD:  Riding with a new rider reminds me to enjoy every moment as if it’s new.

Today’s BAD: Pretty gusty weather makes it tough to control the bike.

Today’s UGLY: Sadly, an area that used to provide great habitat for a flock of goldfinches has been cut down to scrub.

Today’s NUMBERS: $1701.09  34%




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