Week 1, Day 2

Drove to Vienna today so I could ride from there to meet up with Lesly and Liz at the Rosslyn Metro. Should have been about 12 miles, and then we were going to ride the 17 mile Arlington loop, and then I would ride back.

It was a GLORIOUS day. The sun was shining, the trees are popping out flowers all over, and I was making great time. Even the “everyone hates this hill” after the 495 cross over seemed not so bad.

I turned off the W&OD and onto the Custis and started the Arlington hills. No one was out so I could really ENJOY the hills. I heard a noise and wondered what it was, but paid no attention. Then I noticed my Garmin was giving me weird messages. I stopped and looked at the bike.

BROKEN SPOKE on the back wheel. I called my favorite Bike Shop (everyone say it now – GREEN LIZARD), and asked Dave what to do.  (Yes, it was 18 miles away at that point, but I knew someone there would be answering the phone!).  He said bend the spoke around another to get it out of the way, loosen the brakes, and ride it to the nearest shop. I was scared to ride it so I pushed it the mile to Freshbikes.

They couldn’t help. Lesly met up with me on the way to the next bike shop, Conte. They couldn’t help, so we kept walking and got to Revolution where we met up with Liz. No joy there either.

So we decided to get some lunch together at BajaFresh where Lesly got … tacos (you may see a recurring theme with Lesly and tacos). We parted ways and I headed for the closest Metro, Clarendon. Of course, the elevator at Clarendon was out, so I had to carry my bike down the escalators (3 of them). Fortunately, when I got to Vienna, a Fairfax Connector showed up right away so I could ride the bus instead of walking the 2.5 miles to where the car was parked. I even used the bike rack on the bus and realized they can carry 3 bikes!

Baby on Bus

My baby from inside the bus


Finally got back to my car, and drove straight to Green Lizard, where we discussed the merits of a greater or lesser number of spokes on a wheel that will be traveling cross-country.

So, 8.5 miles today in absolutely gorgeous weather. GREAT riding while it lasted. A thorough walk. Lunch with two great friends. Used the bike rack on a bus that showed up 3 minutes after I got to the station, and thanks to my favorite people in Herndon, have a loaner wheel on my bike so I can ride until … well, I’ll share that news tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Week 1, Day 2

  1. kbikeva Post author

    The spoke is a Shimano straight pull rather than a “J”, and apparently none of them keep them on hand, and didn’t have any old wheels in the shops to salvage from. Green Lizard had enough in the shop to re-do the entire wheel if I decided to go that route…another reason I LOVE GL.



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