Day 1 of Week 1

We tweaked the training guide so we can do our long rides together on Tuesdays, the day we are all available. That means Sunday was a rest day (hope your Easter Sunday was beautifully blessed).

Today the schedule called for 10 miles. I was busy this morning, and the bike was making a noise so I dropped it off at Green Lizard and said I’d be back at 3 to ride.

Use this oneThe derailleur had bent a bit, which was apparently an easy fix, so I picked it up and off we went west…like a herd of turtles. The wind was average 29mph, gusting to 41, although not constantly a headwind. I just put my head down and watched the Garmin to keep my cadence steady.

The good part of the wind is that the trail was near-empty despite the beautiful sunshine. The weather wimps were not out!  It was a challenging 5 miles west, and then the return. Holy smokes, I think I broke a land-speed record with that tail wind!

Came back to a parking ticket (sigh – I thought the 2 on the sign was 2 hours, not 20 minutes), but any day on the bike is a good day.




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