Training In Earnest

IMG_1565For those of you who haven’t heard, my friends Lesly, Liz, and I have decided to ride our bikes coast to coast this summer. We’re raising funds for the Fuller Center for Housing.

We have a 10 week plan for training (although Liz will be out of country for a bit of it). Lesly and I hopped on an opportunity yesterday to do some hill training with a group of fun women riders.

It was eye-opening. Because I’ve been watching my cadence, and had Les at Green Lizard Cycling (my favorite shop) do a bike fit, I actually did better than I thought I would. We only did 35 miles, and there was over 2000 feet of climb. I managed the hills fine and only seriously considered getting off the bike on one of them…but I dug deep and stayed on.


Photo by Larisa DeGraffenreid

And when we finished, I knew I could probably have gone another ten miles. Since our average mileage on the trip will be 76 per day, I’ll need to ramp it up, but I can at least see that this is a doable adventure now.

IMG_1566Waterford is a small hamlet in Loudoun County, charming and picturesque. The mill is from the early 19th century, replacing one that had been there in the late 18th. There were carpets of daffodils everywhere on our ride, and landscape re-awakening. Spring is joy! Happy Easter!

Good thing, since so many people are investing supporting me!  Fuller Center for Housing


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