Smiles with Gaps

Today is International Walk to School Day! We are celebrating in our community by having a friendly competition between the 8 elementary schools. There are two trophies at stake. One is for the most walkers, the other is for the highest percentage (enrollment varies widely).

I hopped on my bike and rode up to my local elementary school to help welcome the kids and cheer on the parents.

Our community has a fleet of bike officers from our county police department and they were out there helping kids, riding with them, etc. They are all so incredibly nice and encouraging to the kids (and parents!).

CopsatHW This was after the kids had gone inside and you can see to the right — we had a NUMBER of cyclists as well!

This is all sponsored through Safe Routes to School, a great program that emphasizes getting kids out of private cars. There are studies that show kids who walk or ride bikes to school arrive better prepared to learn and do better on testing. Maybe it’s the fresh air; maybe it’s getting the wigglies out. I know that the gap toothed grins are enough to keep me going over there each Walk to School day — and will get me over there in the spring for Bike to School Day too.

I can’t show photos of the kids until they’re cleared by the school, so stay tuned.


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